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Meridale Youth & Community Centre

Weekly Events




The Club
From October 3rd 2017 6.30-8.00pm in term time - for years 4, 5 & 6

8.00-10.00pm Business Evening
Ideal opportunity for young people to work as part of a team and assist with the running of Meridale.  Staff are at Meridale and encourage young people to take on activities and a leading role.

Members of the Meridale Team are also on hand to assist you with any printing, Photocopying or Design work.



Memories @ Meridale: 10am-12noon

A friendly meeting place where we can all share our memories together. Organised by the Dementia Support Group
For more information contact Margaret (01507) 442753

East Lincs Ringcraft Society (Kennel Club Registered): From 6.30pm

Dogs of all ages and abilities including rescue dogs are invited to participate in dog training programmes.
Ringcraft takes place from 6.30pm.  Puppy Classes from 7pm.  General Class from 7.30pm
KC Good Citizens Award Scheme offeredFor more information contact Society Leader: Sheila Middleton (01507) 441 180



Weight Watchers: 10-11am

Meetings are a welcoming, supportive and inspiring place to learn from the experience of your leader and others.
For more information contact Leader: Catherine Birrell 07922211393




Meridale InfoCENTRE ... keeping you in the know! 10am-4pm

For more information contact John Monk MBE: (01507) 441 481

Midway: 7.15-9.15pm

Catering forall at secondary school.  Supervised by accredited and CRB checked staff.
A wide variety of activities and interest including: Cooking - Pool - Table Tennis - Football - Basket Ball - Cricket - Visits & TripsYoung people are welcomed into a safe and warm environment and encouraged to develop their life skills.